Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We offer excellence and value for written tasks with 0% plagiarism. QA team ensures the client’s gratification. The plans concerning guaranteed client’s satisfaction are listed in the section below:

The client has all the right to ask for changes countless times if a client has a complaint when submitting the task. The changes shall be done according to the review policy, whereby we are accountable for late submission due to revisions. We shall give refunds for the case of failing tasks/assignments or unsatisfactory results. In this case, the Q A team will revise the client’s case and gauge the need for a refund. We shall refund our clients under ten days after the order completion if the refund claim is made in those ten days. OR if the client wishes for a refund after ten days have passed, we are not accountable for the provision of refund or reviews.

If there is a high plagiarism rate in an assignment, clients can claim a refund. The QA team will take a survey and decide the amount for a refund that will depend on the plagiarism count and the client’s opinion. Clients should make claims for refund under ten days afterward the order has completed, or the deadline expires. If the deadline expires, we won’t be responsible for any compensation. We provide up to 70 percent of refunds in case of advance payments. However, we will evaluate distinct situations and offer compensations if they think that the client is eligible for compensations that are for 70 percent or more or of the full payment.

We do not provide compensations generally. And if serious incidents and mishaps on plagiarism in assignments, then the case will be sent for evaluation. Full payment is kept valid in case of plagiarism count, and revisions and reviews will adjust low scores and errors by the QA team. In these cases, clients can request multiple times for revision and without any limitations of it, and as the claims are made following our company’s terms of use. We are not responsible for reimbursements if several reviews are provided. We can propose rewriting assignments by other writers or can provide a few more revisions for the assignment.

The client is requested to submit claims for reimbursements due to dissatisfaction under 15 days of the order’s deadline. And if client-required alterations lead to termination of 15 days, we will not be held accountable for reimbursements.

Terms and Conditions for Hiring Us

We provide the best assignment writing service, satisfactory results, and ethical practices. Customers approach us for the task are dealt on time and fast and finished with excellent standards with satisfactory results and assurance.

Our morals are to win customer constancy and belief. Our morals help in shaping our company’s basis and services that are mentioned below.

Privacy Policy

Our company observes a strict and straightforward policy, through which we keep customer’s detail secure. Information about our customers is not shared with third-parties and with the middlemen. An advanced cybersecurity system is guarding our website against ensuring that transactions are securely made and data is protected. We take care of and protect every transaction and make sure they are secured. We don’t believe that we are to blame for the leak of data outside our limitations between customer and company relations. If card details are trickled in the discrete event, we don’t think you should blame us for this. Every customer is obliged to provide full and authentic information while placing the order. The customer’s name, a contact card, and other credentials are required to place the order.

We will use the customer’s information verification and confirmation of the orders and communicate with them. The client’s details are safe in our hands and will be kept in our vaults without any external leaks. For security reasons, we do not license or authorize the communication between the writers and clients. We do that to secure and protect both parties’ privacy and identity. Our company will play its part as a middleman between the writer and the client for communication. We have the best writers who will work accordingly as per our client’s demands, and they will write as instructed in the document sent by the client. If a client wishes sharing of other personal data, including names, our company is not responsible for any leak or breach of the client’s identity.

We suggest our respected clients not discuss their data with our writers while discussing anything related to the task or order. Any data, like institute, or any which breach the client’s identity, our company is not responsible for any such thing.

The Order Process

When a client reaches us place order, we ask them to enter authentic details, like inaccurate e-mail spelling. We get connected with our respected client and can communicate with them regarding order charges and review; improper and untrue information will be considered an attempt to breach terms of use. Providing false information about contact details or e-mail will result in drawbacks on claims made by the client.

When placing an order, you are required to pay the full amount at once. After this, we will contact you for more information regarding the order. If the client cannot pay us the full at once, we are not responsible regarding interruptions in order completion. However, we provide easy installment options for clients who cannot pay us amount at once. The client can get these easy installments by requesting our chat support team on our website.

All clients are obliged to provide whole, clear, and accurate guidelines for thesis, dissertations, or other writing tasks. Unclear working instructions will require further explanation from the client, and we are not liable for the interruptions in the completion of the task and delivery on the deadline. Clients are appreciated to provide complete and straightforward instructions in the beginning. If the client wishes to alter assignment guidelines, the guidelines must be following previous instructions.

Only certain alterations are allowed in the previously provided instructions; for example, a dissertation on Romantic poetry cannot be altered to a law justice dissertation. Our writers are good researchers. Before writing, they will conduct high time research related to the title of the task. They have a free hand while researching and writing; they will be quoting from online and offline sources, books, and the clients’ materials.

The client has to provide the relative material for the task or provide foundations and foundation categories to work from. The client should give access to us for the locked and paid content and material from the internet. We are not accountable for the charges and purchase of these materials. Customers should deliver and give the foundations like reading materials, slides, and e-books, PDFs. However, we will gather information from the top-quality sites and sources and for quality work. The clients have to confer requirements for more sources, basic and main sources, and information at the beginning of the procedure. Clients are required to follow up with our two-step security procedure for their request to get processed.

First, the clients have to send all mandatory information 12 hours before the arranged delivery date. In case the task has time, limit measuring for more than three days. All the necessary instructions have to be carried 3 hours before the order placement if the task deadline is a maximum of two days.

Finally, if clients did not follow the process mentioned earlier, it will be considered an abuse of terms of use of our company. In such a case, we have all rights to refute clients with any claim.

Clients are accountable for classifying their education status while placing an order. Writers are not responsible for errors and mistakes in judging education levels for crafting assignments accurately. If clients find out errors in placing the order about academic levels, they should immediately check and corrections. A client should provide us with accurate and correct information to avoid such errors. The request for the revision must have to be analogous with that of order and are related. We have the right to cancel the request of review if found that the request made is diverging the topic on which the order was placed.

Our company then will have the right to charge more for review requests with the particulars and instructions divergent to the primary order. Provision of the initial draft is subject to the deadline; only if the deadline for delivering for an order is more than three days, the client may ask for initial drafts from us. The clients should keep up with us through the process. They should collaborate with the writers and QA so that the task can be completed on time. If the client does not collaborate or communicate, we have the right to cancel out the order completion.

We are not accountable for immediate refunds. And the requests for compensations will be dealt with on a one-by-one basis. The QA team will examine all the situations created on our terms of use and gives a final answer. We will then confirm and act thoroughly.

Policy related to revision

We offer a complimentary review for clients as per the review terms. Countless reviews are provided to acquire optimal client’s gratification, providing our terms of use of review policy are fulfilled.

Clients need to ask for revisions at a certain time under 20 days of the deadline. Our review terms say the client may request the editing and revision under 35 days only if the order is more than 5000 words. If the client places an order like theses, of 5000 words or more, they don’t have to pay for the additional charges for review under 35 days. The client will be charged if the appeal for modifications has expired after many reviews have been provided.

If the client is discontented because of the work that we have provided them, they can claim refunds after 19- or 34-day review time. Reimbursements shall be considered if the details are following the condition of use and our policies of refund.

The client may ask for reviews and analyses of mistakes within five days after submitting the task. However, this smears only on the review for the orders except for dissertation and thesis writing. Our QA team has the authority to cancel review claims that are not following our review terms. As mentioned, this only smears to the cases in which the review claim details are divergent from those details provided at the time of placing order.

Moreover, Our QA team has all the right to restrict reviews if they discover the revision policy’s manipulation. If modified instructions of the task are changed from one provided initially, the QA team shall quickly refute claims for review and ask the client to pay an additional fee. However, new instructions, following the old instructions, will be processed and entertained.

Our company and the QA team have the right to deny review claims without appealing or revealing motives for disavowal. More, our company has the right to set up validity for the reimbursement requests.

Refunds & Guarantee

We are not responsible for plagiarism, in the case of adjustments, proofreading, and re-arranging asked by clients. Materials crafted and pen down by the writers will be checked through plagiarism detectors. We are not responsible for the client’s reimbursement requests if checked and analyze work found to be plagiarised. We will be responsible for making a 90 percent reimbursement if the order’s deadline has passed due to our writer’s irresponsibility. A ten percent amount won’t be returned as it is charged for the online transaction processing fee that processes order payments.

The remaining 90 percent left are our charges for our services and will be refunded in “full” in the case of expired deadlines. Clients have to contact our customer service agent on our site by live chat to request reimbursement. The client must tell the details about the situation and e-mail to us for reimbursement, which will process through our customer service team afterward. The agent will forward the request to the QA team to revise the reimbursement claim that either is valid or not based on our terms of use.

After a refund for the claim is made, our teams may request more time for the task completion and relook the claim. If we can not deliver the work in the revised time, the client can ask for full reimbursements. Customers are advised to inspect the Gratification Assurance portion of terms of use to check our rules and policies on poor content, low grades, or plagiarism to act accordingly and process reimbursement requests. With these rules and policies, the client should have determined a justifiable cause for reimbursement privilege and send a request with the reimbursement department on e-mail. The client has to reply to us under 72 hours upon receiving an e-mail from the reimbursement section.

If the client could not reply to us under ten days, no reimbursement will be entertained, and we will end that case. We will only consider and confirm reimbursement claims that are clear and have valid reasons with them and catch up with our reimbursement policies. If the claim is authentic, we will entertain the request and then processing the reimbursement.

The QA will need all related papers and sources for the disputed case; the client should submit it on time so that the QA teams begin the procedure. If the request doesn’t follow with our terms of use section, the team has the right to reject the reimbursement request. The QA team has the right to give ratios for reimbursements after departmental meetings and case reviews. That means reimbursement may not be fully paid in some of the cases. We have the right to cancel refund claims if the client does not submit documentation and authentic reasons to the QA team.

In refund cases, From the initial order, discounts will be deducted. The QA department will decide the total amounts and total percentages to sum up the amount for refund. In a 20% discount situation, the client will have reimbursement of 20 % deduction in the initial amount. Our company has the right to reject any reimbursement claims when there are partial payments or if we didn’t get payment in full. If reimbursements are acquired on any task, we have the right to circulate, sell, or print the assignments elsewhere or to third-parties. In these cases, the client does not have the right to the compensated work and will have no right to that piece of writing.

Quality of Our Work

We certify quality-assured services for the client’s gratification. However, we do not make obvious claims of excellent grades. We certify quality work by applying new standards in our writers. All the employees and co-workers obey with our quality control terms. Further, we monitor our writers to guarantee leading gratification. We work firm anti-plagiarism morals to certify the assignments and tasks submitted at 0 percent plagiarism and original content.

We implement high-quality standards from a “three-base grading” performance measure. We call them Bronze, Silver, and Gold standard. Our writers and the writing of them gain and earn such rankings to certify high-quality standards of writing. Nonetheless, we do not make obvious claims for high results, nor we guarantee that. If our writer could not work according to a specific level, high-level writers will look at tasks and write it. In the absence of a high-level writer, we, together with the client, may select a writer for the advanced task. All our writers try to deliver the task on deadlines set up by the client. If the writer cannot complete the task, the customer shall be kept informed of the reasons and will have to give an extension in the deadline. The client support squads shall be informed of such situations, and they will help in the extensions of deadlines.

Our gratification guarantee terms will be imposed if the writers and QA department cannot craft a quality work and the services mentioned above.

Order Cancelling Terms

If the client wants cancellation of the order, they should provide this information to us immediately. The client will require to cancel out the order placement in a 1-day time if delivery is expected in 3 days or more. If the targeted date is under a 1- or 2-days time period, the client has to inform our team immediately.

In the case of the order’s cancellation, we have the authority to hold 25 percent of the total payment. If clients fail to file a cancellation request in the above mention time, they shall get back 50 percent of the full amount as a reimbursement. Moreover, if 40 percent of the time has passed, the client will not cancel the order. We can compensate 90 percent of the paid amount for certain cases of cancellation of orders. This situation is valid only if certain software is not available for the work, if the customer can’t pay for the expert writers and if the writers are available.

If the client desires specific alterations and changes in the order, they must provide precise instructions with our client support agents online. The agents are present to provide clients with updates on their orders.


As clients are allowed to process the order further, an agreement will be made between the two parties between the clients and us. The client should initially agree to our terms of use mentioned in this section. The client has to observe fine when the contract is breached and have no right to challenge our terms of use. When processing the order, the client has to agree and follow our terms of use. We reserve the authority to undo further process with those clients who challenge and tricks our rules and regulation mentioned here.  The QA team will generate a descriptive report of events if a client claims for reimbursement.

Change in Policies

We have the right to change our policies, rules, and terms without giving notice to clients. The term’s usage and regulations are written on our website. The client should go through them and agree with our terms of use to contract with us. Frequent clients are suggested to check on our website to receive updates on the terms of use.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Each of our terms of use is crafted in a prescribed agreement with the client and us. The bond provides the client with assurances in time, standard services. It informs the clients of authority and right of our terms of use from the beginning of order placement. In the agreement, we are obliged to uphold privacy, security, and provide standard-quality work.


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