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The life of a student is full of daunting experiences like preparing for exams, viva, preparing a custom essay, conducting research and whatnot. However, the task which is considered most unnerving and depressing by the students is of writing an essay or paper for their term. This is because writing papers require a lot of planning, research, organization and writing skills. Due to all this; most of the students put off the task of writing their papers until the deadline is upon them, and then they face more challenges in writing the paper.

Most students suffer from bad grades only because they get more stressed when the time comes for writing the paper; they are stuck in the middle of two decisions whether to write the paper while being tensed and risk losing marks or not to write the paper and lose marks. In such a case; the best thing for a student to do (highly recommended) is to ask a professional academic writer to craft a custom essay for him. The professional writer will complete the essay in as little time as possible.

As papers are responsible for 50% marks in a subject; we have decided to provide you with a brief tutorial of how to write a paper perfectly that too in less time. So, if you aren’t hiring a professional writer and have decided to write the paper yourself, then we suggest you read this blog till the very end as it will help you in acing your academic papers.

Things we will discuss in this blog:

  • Ways to understand your assignment and what your professor expects from you.
  • Means of generating or achieving worthy and good paper topics which will also be exciting and compelling.
  • Time management while writing your paper. Moreover, how much time should you spend based on the length of your paper.
  • Coming up with a resilient thesis statement which will work in support of your whole paper.
  • Techniques of using transitioning between your arguments, revising and editing the paper before submission.

So, let us walk through a step by step guide among the things as mentioned above for custom essay.

What is your assignment, and what does your teacher expect in the paper?

If you start on your assignment the day on which you are assigned, then doing it will be much easier. Note down all the points which your teacher discussed in class, go through them and try to understand them. If you are facing any issues in anything that your teacher said then write it down separately to ask him the very next day. All this will roughly take 30-60 minutes. Here are a few other things to consider:

  • After you are assigned the paper; go through a rubric. A rubric is a set of every class’s guidelines which the teacher prepares for the students. The rubric will help you in understanding what your teacher expects from you and if there is no rubric, then ask your teacher for one.
  • Always keep the conclusion of your paper in your mind while doing a custom essay. It will make writing the essay easy if you have a clear ending in mind.

Generating exciting paper topics:

Next most important thing is to decide on which topic you want to write your paper if your teacher hasn’t already assigned a topic to you. If the teacher has assigned you a topic, then you will have to decide on an exciting and catchy title for it. For generating ideas; you can do freewriting, make a spidergram or jot down points which come to your mind after thinking about the topic. Once you are down collecting your ideas in one place, then try to narrow them down and make them more specific to your topic. Soon you will be able to come up with a title along with some good points to include in your custom essay.  You can also lookup the internet for ideas (but don’t copy-paste anything).

Managing time of your paper

So, if you completed the above mentioned two steps on the first day when you were assigned the paper, then you have made your writing task more manageable. Now, the best way to manage the time for the rest of the paper is to create a calendar and mark it with one task for each day. In this way, if you are dividing your paper into seven parts; your paper will be completed in a week. Stick firmly to the calendar and make sure that the time which you allot to writing the paper is non-refundable with other activity’s time.

Be committed to writing the paper and don’t delay writing it; otherwise, you will have to rely on a professional writer to do your custom essay when the deadline approaches. You can also take help from the academic people around you like your teachers, class fellows, senior students, etc.

How to craft a resilient thesis statement of your paper?

A thesis statement is a sentence or a small paragraph which discusses the topic, claim of the writer and the points which will be covered in the topic. For a thesis statement to be resilient, it is essential that you, as a writer, be clear about the topic and argument of your paper. There are thousands of tutorials and examples of thesis statement available on the internet from which you can take some guidance or help, or you can hire a writer to that work for you.

If you know your topic and argument, then writing a statement in which you discuss both these things won’t be difficult. After doing that; here are the other things which need to be done with that statement:

  • Find good references to cite in your custom essay and to back up your thesis statement. 5-10 references are enough to make your claim strong.
  • Weave the rest of your paper around your thesis statement. Ensure that all of your paper is somehow connected to your thesis statement.
  • Outline what you want to say by keeping the statement in mind and organize that outline in a timeline. Now start with your paper.

The usage of transitioning and formatting of your paper:

Finally, you are now in the last days of completing your paper writing calendar. Now, all that you have to do is to make sure that you write the body and concluding part of your paper in a formal language with formal style and structure. Academic papers require 100% correct grammar use and sentence structure.  Your paper shouldn’t look like it has been forcefully written; instead, it should go with the flow. Every reference and idea should be interconnected in such a way that the reader doesn’t even realize that you are discussing different things.

The transition in the paper should be clear and written with formal language. You should create connections and relations of one thing to another in your custom essay.  Apart from this; the conclusion of the essay should quickly review what you said in the paper and how you have limitations in this topic.

After that; once you have completed the paper; you should format it in the way that your rubric suggests. Never submit the paper without formation.

Hopefully, this brief blog will help you in understanding and writing an excellent academic essay/ paper. However, if you still face issues, then you can always hire a professional and skilled custom essay writer for your academic essays.

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